...contagious, hip swaying, raucous music…Simply irresistible!
— AltCountryForum, The Netherlands

Selected tracks from The Wanted CD:

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If you want to know about roots, and some blues and rock and country and bluegrass, all rolled into one, an incredible mix, this is the band for you!
— Hudson Music Festival, Quebec

The Wanted are an acoustic band that fuse vintage North American country and folk music with rockabilly and rock ‘n' roll in a distinctive mash up: The Carter Family meets Chuck Berry! 

Tracks from the CD have aired on CBC Radio 1 and many other roots music programs throughout North America and around the world. The Wanted combine intricate harmonies and traditional instrumentation with unique elements such as washboard, bodhran, cajon, and acoustic lap steel guitar to create a distinctively eclectic musical style.