The Wanted — Reconstructing Roots Music

If you want to know about roots, and some blues and rock and country and bluegrass, all rolled into one, an incredible mix, this is the band for you!
— The Hudson Music Festival, Quebec

The Wanted dish up full-throated full-throttle entertainment filled with slick licks and infectious rhythms, fusing vintage North American folk, blues and country music with rockabilly and rock and roll in a distinctive roots music mash-up. AltCountryForum (Europe’s leading roots music publication) describes the band's performances as: “…full of contagious, hip swaying, raucous music…Simply irresistible!” The Wanted reconstruct an eclectic mix of classics and infuse their original songs with a spirit that is darkly haunting, incisively witty, or just plain fun. The band forges a fresh sound, finding common ground in diverse material and combining intricate harmonies and traditional instrumentation with unique elements such as washboard, bodhran, cajon, and acoustic lap steel guitar. There’s a small orchestra of instruments here and they’re deployed with great skill. This is a musical experience that audiences are sure to enjoy.  

The Wanted embrace early country music, blues, bluegrass and rockabilly, combining vocal harmonies, great musicianship and original material for a fresh take on a genre that’s long overdue for a revival. Their show will transport you to another era, so hop on board for a great ride.
— Mariposa Folk Festival